What we do

Cope+ is a small bureau specialized in Compassion Fatigue Counseling for people working with laboratory animals.

It is well known that they frequently experience grief, sadness, and/or feelings of guilt during the term of a study, and when a study is completed and the animals need to be euthanized. Acknowledging that these feelings exist and providing support is very important. If these emotions are addressed appropriately, people will feel validated and their coping mechanism will be strengthened. Their ability to sustain and to form new bonds will be reinforced.

We believe that addressing the emotions related with laboratory animal science is so important that we started a Compassion Fatigue Counseling bureau for laboratory animal professionals in 2009. We feel that providing the proper tools on how to manage these human emotions will help the laboratory animal staff, the research team as well as the animals.

Additionally, Cope+ Compassion Fatigue Counselor Anneke Keizer is also available for presentations to small and large audiences and workshops.