Educational services

These services are noncommercial (i.e., not intended to serve promotional purposes) and may be of interest to different parties. These include businesses (pharmaceutical companies, Laboratory Animal Equipment Suppliers, etc.), institutions (universities, colleges, etc.) and other parties (organizing committees of local, national and international congresses and meetings, etc.).

Lunch ‘n Learn
These sessions include a small presentation (abbreviated version of the detailed lecture, see Counseling Services), followed by a group discussion. Customizations can be discussed.

This presentation corresponds to the full version of the detailed lecture (see Counseling Services), and is appropriate for congresses and meetings. Customizations can be discussed.

Workshops are available for people working directly with laboratory animals. What will be learned:

  1. How to deal with the emotions that are with us every day when working with laboratory animals.
  2. How to set up an ongoing sustainable Compassion Fatigue program suitable for your facility, including an annual commemorate. Customizations can be discussed.