Fees and contact

What We Charge
It is a labor of Love. It is my give back to the world of Laboratory Animal Science that has given me so much.

Therefore, I do NOT charge a fee; you only pay for all my travel expenses including airfare, hotel, meals, ground transportation and parking.  An honorarium of your choosing is appreciated but not requested or expected.

  1. Copeplus is located in New Jersey, USA and in Luzern, Switzerland.
  2. USA located facilities pay for traveling within the USA and European facilities for traveling within Europe.

Contact Us
If you have questions related to our website or if you are interested in using one of our services, please contact us.

If you would like to share a personal issue with our Compassion Fatigue Professional, you are encouraged to do so. Please emphasize this in your WhatsApp or email message to Copeplus. Our Compassion Fatigue Professional Anneke Keizer will make your request a priority.

Feel free to discuss any subject, your personal information will be handled confidentially. You will get full attention and time to raise your questions and/or to express your concerns.

Since I am located on two continents, the best route for contacting me is via WhatsApp or email.

WhatsApp: +41 79 137 24 81

Email: anneke@copeplus.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/anneke-keizer-b0a45118/

Addressing Compassion Fatigue in the Vivarium

Other references are available on Anneke Keizer’s LinkedIn page.

General Information
Official sources of compassion fatigue-related information:

American College of Emergency Physicians

American Institute of Stress

Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project