Our business

Primary customers are all employees and contract personnel working at laboratory animal facilities.

Our mission is to provide Compassion Fatigue Counseling for laboratory animal professionals. We accomplish this by offering:

  1. Comprehensive Needs Assessment for your facility
  2. A customized lecture for all laboratory animal professionals
  3. Group discussions with the laboratory animal care staff and the research team
  4. One-on-one sessions
  5. Teachings on self-care
  6. Expertise on commemoration activities
  7. Follow-up contacts

Based on the continued need for the use of laboratory animals, it is our vision that a Compassion Fatigue program (also known as Care Program) should be an integrated part of the animal care and use program.

Why Cope+
Cope+ demonstrates deep understanding of customers’ needs, requirements and expectations in their work environment.

Cope+ demonstrates sensitivity to the feelings of individual customers.

Cope+ is open and receptive to criticism and feedback from others.

References are available upon request.